Key benefits

The Best Executive MBA in Latin America

In 2016, OneMBA was ranked the 29th Executive MBA of the World by Financial Times (this result points the Program as the BEST MBA in Latin America) and is the 5th best global executive MBA in the world according to the CEO Magazine.

Also in 2014, Poets & Quants has ranked OneMBA as the 10th most successful Joint EMBA Program offered in the world.

International Network
OneMBA participants find the international network they build is as valuable as the knowledge they gain through the program.
Your class will be composed of executives living and working around the world, who bring rich diversity of cultures, expectations and experience to the program - a unique and effective environment for developing a global mindset.
Meet, study and work with global executives will give you first-hand knowledge of how businesses operate all over the world - a powerful network that will last throughout your career and lifetime.

Check here the demographics for the classes of 2017 and 2018.

Global Teams
To complete major course projects you will work with 3 different global teams, consisted of executives from each of the partner schools regions. The OneMBA global teams offer you an opportunity of facing real-world challenges such as managing cultural differences and working across multiple time zones, while attending local and global classes.

Global Residencies
In addition executives from all partner universities participate in 4 week-long global residencies (September 2017, March 2018, October 2018  and May 2019), which cover seven countries (Brazil, China, India,  Mexico, Netherlands, Poland and the USA). Together, these seven countries represent 49% of the world’s GDP

Convenient schedule
The next OneMBA class begins in September 2017, with graduation in May 2019, after 21 months of courses and residencies.
The OneMBA schedule is ideal for executives who seek to continue their career while attending international MBA classes. With a pre-established calendar, OneMBA executives can coordinate their professional and academic schedules.
FGV participants meet together at EAESP campus 24 times, approximately every three weeks on Friday and Saturday, the whole day, for attending regional and globally coordinated courses classes.
In addition executives from all partner universities participate in 4 week-long global residencies: September 2017, March 2018, October 2018  and May 2019.

Immediate Career Application

OneMBA connects you to best practices, offering new global skills, knowledge and perspectives, which can be immediately applied in your career. Your OneMBA peers, faculty and corporate contacts will be valuable resources for solving your company's current global business challenges, giving it a competitive advantage.

Participants receive an MBA certificate from FGV-EAESP and a OneMBA certificate authorized and signed by all five schools.
This dynamic program is the most sophisticated international MBA ever offered for executives. OneMBA prepares experienced professionals for global success through convenient classes near to home, a global network of colleagues and international training on four continents.

Opportunity to get a Master’s degree (Mestrado Profissional) from FGV (additional requirements apply)