Globally relevant and regionally sensitive curriculum

The OneMBA Program's unique format is comprised of three key components: Globally Coordinated Courses, Global Residencies and Local Courses. This allows participants to exchange experiences and build powerful relationships as they complete international projects and meet face to face during the Global Residencies.

Regional Courses: each partner university offers regional courses that have proven to accelerate business success in their region. FGV-EAESP offers regional courses which were   specially designed according to the Latin American business environment.

Globally Coordinated Courses: Key faculty members from all 5 partner universities jointly develop the 5 OneMBA core courses, which cover global leadership, operations, marketing, finance and strategy. The Globally Coordinated Courses integrate international perspectives and best practices from Asia, Europe, North and South Americas. Each course includes a major global team project, jointly developed by executives from different world regions. Participants attend classes at their home university.

Global residencies: For week-long immersion courses held in the US, Latin America, Asia and Europe, bring together OneMBA executives from all five universities. Participants experience global business first-hand and intensify their network.

 The OneMBA curriculum offered by FGV-EAESP consists of 3 modules of class sessions, each combining multidisciplinary content with global and local approaches providing executives with multiple and specific knowledge of business.

The modules are designed according to core contents from the main business fields, which guarantee a solid and integrated learning process.

Curriculum class of 2019