Corporate partnership

Multinational and/or transnational companies can take advantage of the OneMBA global presence by having their key executives attending classes in different regions.

Corporations will be able to build a team of internationally trained executives and get a specially designed consultancy.

Companies which send four or more students to any of the partner schools receive the benefit of partner companies such as reserved slots for qualified students and, in particular, the company may suggest a consulting project designed specifically for it. Executives from partner companies will work together in a global team developing a strategy project according to the company demands, guided by a professor at one of the OneMBA business schools.

Being an OneMBA partner is one of the benefits companies get when sponsoring their executives, besides increasing their networking, reaching new markets, facing new opportunities and improving their business practices.

FedEx is one of the companies which has invested in this partnership sending executives from US, Brazil and Mexico to the program and now enjoy the benefits of being OneMBA corporate partner.

"As facilitators of global trade, FedEx has partnered with OneMBA to ensure our executives are prepared to actively participate in today's global economy as industry thought leaders. The knowledge base our executives are gaining from the OneMBA program is absolutely critical to the success of FedEx".
Mike Murkowski
Vice President of Marketing, Customer Service and Customer Technology
FedEx Express, Latin America & Caribbean Division

 “At CEMEX we believe that having a global perspective on business is essntial to becoming a successful global enterprise. The OneMBA program provides a truly global management education. Graduates of the program in CEMEX have benefited enormously from this program and have brought new vision, innovation and leadership to our company”.
Luiz Hernandez Echavez
Senior Vice President Organization and Human Resources CEMEX.