The OneMBA Program begins in September 2017 and ends with graduation in May 2019. Students meet approximately every 3 weeks in São Paulo, at FGV campus for 2 days (Friday and Saturday) of classes. Additionally executives from the 4 partner schools meet during four global residencies (Asia, Europe and North and South Americas), each lasting 7 days. The residencies spread over the 21-month program allow executives to experience the business culture of each region first-hand.

This format allows executives from different parts of Brazil, or even South America, to participate in the program whilst they continue their career development. This also represents a positive impact in local class’ diversity, that counts with participants from different regions.

The final 21-month calendar is shared in advance, which allows students to plan their schedule according to classes and residencies.

Click here and check the 21-month calendar for class of 2019.